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Home Repairs – Advice & Support

If you are 60 and over, the Agency provides free advice and support to help you secure necessary home repairs & adaptations. The agency will:
Visit you at your home to discuss your needs

  • Help you decide on what work should be carried out and advice on the appointment of contractors, architects, engineers and other professionals, as necessary;
  • Help you secure estimates from reliable contractors;
  • Give advice on an local authority grants that may be available to fund the works and assist with the completion of forms or other paperwork
  • Help access other forms of funding, whenever possible, including benevolent funding and home insulation schemes.
  • Refer you to other organisations such as Benefits Agency, Housing Benefits, Social Services, Housing Department, Utilities, and Insurance Companies, as required, on your behalf
  • Provide you with personal support and encouragement as you prepare for and deal with the disruption that may be caused by building work
  • Help with supervision of the work itself
  • Help you cope with any other problems that may arise during the works or following completion

For further information on the services provided by Care and Repair Caerphilly, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf by calling
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