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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange for a caseworker to visit?

Give us a ring on 01495 235393 or email us at

How do I arrange to have Handyperson job?

Give us a ring on 01495 235393 or email us at

Do I have to pay for repairs to my home?

Yes, the Handyperson scheme is £15 for each job plus the cost of materials.

You would normally have to pay the full cost of any larger works that a contractor completes.

Why do I have to have a caseworker visit when all I want is the name of a plumber, builder or roofer.

We don’t give out names of contractors because we can offer you more than just a list of contractors.

We can check to see if you are claiming all of your benefits you are entitled to and help you make applications to benevolent funders to see if they can assist with the building costs.

Are you part of the Local Authority?

No we are an Independent organisation

Do you do work for council tenants?

Yes, we can do work for council tenants through the Social Enterprise but only if the council does not carry out that type of work.

Do you have grants for repairs and improvements to my home

Care & Repair do not have any grants but we may be able to advise you on options available to you.

Do you carry out gardening?

Yes, we can carry out garden maintenance through our Social Enterprise. We will cut grass, mow lawns, trim hedges and generally tidy up. We do not do planting or landscaping.

Do you do work for people under 60s?

No, because of the way we are funded we can only help those over 60.

How long will I have to wait for a caseworker visit?

We aim to visit within 15 days but due to the high volume of request this is not always possible.

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